Always been passionate about writing, just starting to share it with others

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Hello, my name is Marie. I love consuming stories, including reading books and watching films. My favorite things are usually set in space, but I do enjoy a good earthly adventure too.

I’ve been writing for myself for years, whether that’s journaling or writing novels. Just recently, I have decided to share my voice with others. I started writing articles while on winter break from college and loved the creative outlet that combined research and opinion.

I don’t put pressure on myself to create viral stories or big money earners (which by the way there’s nothing wrong with that strategy!)…

Why I stopped reading 100+ books a year

Image from mike.shots on Pexels

I used to define myself by the number of books I read. Everyone knew me as the girl who always brought a book with her wherever she went. In any free moments I had, I probably was reading. I read two to three books every week which added up to be pretty consistently 100 books a year. And I was proud of this number. I felt like it represented how much I loved reading.

And yes, that number is impressive. But when I started reading less, I actually found myself having a better reading experience. Now, I don’t aim to…

Admitting to my reading quirks

Photo by Mariia Zakatiura on Unsplash

I have been a reader for most of my life. I love getting lost in the pages of a book. Whether it be going on epic space adventures, fighting a dragon, or solving mysteries, escaping into a story is one of my favorite pastimes.

As author Anna Quindlen writes, “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home.”

Prioritizing reading over the years has also led me to develop a few weird habits that I have just recently noticed in myself. Here some of them:

Checking Out 10 Books From the Library at Once

The library is how…

13 masterpieces stolen, valued over $500 million

The frame where Rembrandt’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee used to hang, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston (Image by Josh Reynolds)

If you visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, today, you will find empty frames where artwork used to be. When Isabella Stewart Gardner left her extensive art collection and home to the city of Boston, she stated in her will that the art and furniture must remain exactly as she left it. This meant no artwork could be moved from its original place. It also meant that when the artwork was stolen, the walls were left bare.

On the early morning of March 18, 1990, two thieves stole thirteen masterpieces from the Gardner Museum. These stolen works…

The scientific reason for why you are an awful judge of your own writing

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Is this you? You have a passion for writing and you love crafting stories and characters. Your dream is to write a novel. But every time you get close or make progress, you hit a dead end. Suddenly, this shiny special idea is not as good as you think it is. The words aren’t coming as quickly, and you’re starting to doubt yourself.

Don’t give up.

I’ve struggled with this exact challenge. It seems easier said than done, but trust me, it’s vital to keep going if you want to become a novel writer. Here are five reasons why:

We’re an awful judge of what is good or not, especially with ourselves


Books that surprised me (in a good way)

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

You may be asking yourself, why pick up a book if you don’t think you will like it? Honestly, I don’t do it too often. But sometimes a book is talked about so often or has elements that I think may appeal to me that I end up taking a chance on the book. And sometimes, it works out.

Here are five books that I initially didn’t think I would enjoy, but actually ended up loving:

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

The secret to finishing my novel was finding the right playlist

Photo by Fixelgraphy on Unsplash

When I finished writing my first novel, I was ecstatic. After all, it was the largest goal I had ever dreamed of for myself.

But when I went to replicate this success with a different project, I hit a wall. Suddenly, the words weren’t flowing like they used to. I began doubting my ability, thinking to myself that I would never be able to do it again.

Then, I realized the issue wasn’t me or the story. What made this project harder to write was that I had changed my habits. …

“If he orders me to change into a dress I won’t do it”

Left: Emma Snodgrass (Image Source), Right: Helen Hulik (Image Source)

In 1852, Emma Snodgrass was arrested for “donning the breeches.” Over eighty years later, Helen Hulik was sent to jail for the same reason. A closer look at these two women and the history of pants in the United States reveals how clothing restriction was used as a tool to assert dominance and power over women.

Boston, Massachusetts, 1852

17-year-old Emma Snodgrass got national attention for wearing pants and trousers in the mid-Nineteenth Century. …


You are literally the worst day of the week

“Mardi” is Tuesday in French! The more you know! / Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Dear Tuesday,

I really hate to be the one to break it to you, but no one actually likes you.

People love to needlessly berate Mondays because that’s the cliché thing to do. If you look at Reddit feeds, they’ll try to defend you and attack me. It’s laughable how predictable it is. Those people are unoriginal and frankly just trying to lie and protect your feelings.

At least on Monday people have the excuse of “Oh it’s Monday.” They can be tired and have a slower start to the week. Everyone apparently hates their job, and they love attacking…

Marie Kester

Lover of word-related hobbies including reading, journaling, and writing.

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