Always been passionate about writing, just starting to share it with others

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Very realistic photo of me standing next to books (drawn by me)

Hello, my name is Marie. I love consuming stories, including reading books and watching films. My favorite things are usually set in space, but I do enjoy a good earthly adventure too.

I’ve been writing for myself for years, whether that’s journaling or writing novels. Just recently, I have decided to share my voice with others. I started writing articles while on winter break from college and loved the creative outlet that combined research and opinion.

I don’t put pressure on myself to create viral stories or big money earners (which by the way there’s nothing wrong with that strategy!)…

Books TikTok can’t stop talking about & why

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The Reading Community on TikTok: Booktok

TikTok is growing a community of readers that review and recommend books, also known as Booktok. Whether it’s a list of favorite fictional characters or favorite fictional worlds, there is an entire collection of videos dedicated to the subject of books for book lovers.

A compilation video of some TikToks about books (Booktoks)

As with any social media platform with a community of book lovers like Youtube (Booktube) and Instagram (Bookstagram) there are bound to be books that stand out and get hyped. …

Funny, light-hearted, and entertaining reads

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Sometimes after a long and tiring day, you just need a good laugh. Novels that explore deep and thoughtful topics are important, but they are also often the only ones highlighted in book recommendations. Charming, escapist stories tend to be overlooked because they aren’t seen as meaningful as more ‘serious books.’ But in a time where people are more stressed and anxious than ever, maybe these are just the books we should be sharing.

This list includes hilariously entertaining novels that made me laugh and smile. …

The origin of the stereotypical example of “bad writing”

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“It was a dark and stormy night...”

The infamous line begins the beloved classic published in 1973, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. The book is not only the first of The Time Quartet series but also won the John Newbery Medal from the Association for Libraries Services for Children.

Another famous and well-loved story also includes the sentence.

To develop your characters, ask them these questions

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Your characters should not be relatable

Holden Caufield from Cather in the Rye, Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, Tris Prior from Divergent, and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

Some of the most iconic literary characters are the ones with intense personalities and opinions. They are memorable because of their rich and layered voices.

Reading about a boring cardboard-cut-out character is uninteresting. A strong character voice is valuable, whether your story is set in the modern day and character-driven, or plot-driven with a galactic battle 3,000 years in the future. Not all characters need to or should be likable, but readers should understand and empathize with…

Here’s to gender inclusivity in the male-dominated sport.

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Sarah Thomas, the first female referee to officiate an NFL Super Bowl (Image source)

The 55th Super Bowl will be remembered for many reasons. The 2020 NFL football season has gone through a lot as a result of the pandemic and racial justice conversations in the United States over the past ten months. Players opted out of this season, some stadiums restricted in-person fans, and game schedules were rearranged as teams had to start making “COVID lists.”

We had a showdown between two of the greatest quarterbacks in the league: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City was favored to win by almost everybody, but Tom Brady, the GOAT, managed to take home his…

Why unconventional formats make the story better

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Some books experiment with format. Instead of numbered chapters and linear narratives, the author tells the story through a collection of letters, diary entries, or alternating perspectives.

This choice creates a unique and unusual book that may seem intimidating to readers at first glance. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid these books altogether. These five recommendations all demonstrate how going against normal book formatting conventions can effectively tell a great story.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

How the phrase became the famous way to start stories

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Once upon a time, stories did not always end with happily ever after.

When you think of “once upon a time” nowadays, you probably think of Disney. After all, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom displays a castle projection show titled “Once Upon a Time.” The Walt Disney Company was founded on far-off lands and happy endings.

Some of Disney’s movies inspired by Danish, German, and French fairytales even changed the story to be more family-friendly to a young audience. …

For romance, fantasy, sci-fi, historical writers, and more

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If you are familiar with romance, chances are you probably subconsciously recognize certain tropes in the stories you consume. These romance tropes are just as much a tool for the reader as they are for the writer. Understanding what trope you are aiming for in your book can help you structure the pivotal scenes for your characters and help you pace your beats accordingly.

Even if the romance is not a central driving force in your story, you still need to give it the same love and attention as your other story elements. If the romance exists, it should be…

Research proves that these will not distract you from your book

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A lot of people resolve to read more books in the new year, and that is awesome. Reading fiction and nonfiction books can help you learn about different subjects, gain insight into others’ experiences, and simply enjoy an entertaining story.

But implementing resolutions can be challenging if you are not specific and thoughtful about it. One way to increase your reading pace is by using audiobooks. In the moments when you cannot sit down and physically read a book, you can listen to one instead.

Where to Get Audiobooks

Audible is a popular place to get audiobooks and easy to use if you already…

Marie Kester

Lover of word-related hobbies including reading, journaling, and writing. I write about storytelling, history, and anything else that catches my eye.

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